Derwen: Welcome Back

Welcome back to the Summer Term – time is flying by. The children have really been enjoying their new topic, The Titanic. They’ve shown lots of interest and asked many intriguing questions.

In our English lessons, we have started to read the class story, Kaspar: the Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo. The children have written detailed character descriptions based on the characters they have met so far and used effective language features like adjectives, similes and metaphors to make their writing have the WOW factor! Next week we will be reading writing and acting out monologues.

We have started our topic ‘Forces’ in Science, drawing effective diagrams to show where different forces are applied. We learned lots of new scientific words!

In Maths we’ve been measuring and drawing angles accurately. We’ve had to use a protractor carefully. We’ve explored angle facts and used these to help us find missing angles.

We had great fun last Friday with Martin and Alana during a Lead Creative session. We had to use our imagination and create an Ysgol Borthyn rap. We produced our work through the art on a large piece of paper.